Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets new ARMS fighter Min Min, plus a surprise appearance from Fallout's Vault Boy

Update: Smash Bros. Ultimate update 8.0 is live, bringing along Min Min as the brawler's brand new fighter. Downloading the new update will also get you the new Spring Stadium stage, some new Mii Fighter costumes, an addition to the Spirit Board, and plenty of balancing updates to the roster.

Original story follows...

The next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter is Min Min from the Switch action game ARMS, and the brawler is also getting a surprising crossover with the Fallout series, among others. 

After teasing the addition of an ARMS character, Nintendo properly revealed Min Min in a new stream starring director Masahiro Sakurai. Min Min's arsenal has been translated to Smash quite faithfully, with extending arms that can change forms and give her an edge in mid-range fights. Sakurai reckons she'll struggle with short-range and aerial fighters, but she can hold her own with some quick kick attacks and proper spacing. The whole ARMS gang gets to wallop enemies in her Final Smash too, which is fun to see. 

Min Min is the 81st Ultimate character and the first of six DLC characters coming in Ultimate's second Fighters Pass. She's also the star of the game's sixth Challenger's Pack, which will launch on Monday, June 29. As always, the pack also comes with a medley of other bonuses, including a new stage and several songs. 

Challenger Pack 6 will release alongside a suite of other add-ons, including new Mii Fighter costumes featuring ARMS fighter Ninjara - who was originally in the running for the main character slot - as well as Tekken's Heihachi and Splatoon's Callie and Marie. Most surprisingly, there's a Mii Gunner skin for Fallout's Vault Boy. Bethesda has brought many of its games to Switch in the past two years especially, so I suppose it does make sense, but seeing a Fallout character in Smash still feels like a window to bizarre-o-world. 

Finally, two new Amiibo were announced: Joker from Persona 5, and the Dragon Quest 11 Hero. Both Amiibo will be released this fall, and Nintendo plans to release Amiibo for other Smash DLC fighters in the months ahead. 

There are five characters left in Fighters Pass: Volume 2, and Sakurai says there are no plans for additional characters. 

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