Eureka Seven Volume 1: The New Wave

After our humiliation on the killing floor of the school, our buddy (or is he?) Hooky took us for a spin in the Eureka clan's version of a hoverboard skatepark. After spending some time rocketing around the place doing 1080's, cannonballs, and occasionally smashing face-first into the cold, hard ground, we called it a day and headed back to the relative safety of the academy - but not before we flirted a little more with our favorite hottie and had some target practice at the range.

We know that we're just starting to learn the paces, but so far what we've seen is a pretty darned slick package that looks snazzy and seems like it'll offer a bunch of nifty combat options, customization features, and attribute-boosting level ups. Naturally, we're expecting to graduate in the not-too-distant future (even if the five-year plan isn't completely off the table), and the feeling around these parts is that there's gonna be some trouble knocking on our front door pretty soon.

We're not so sure about where the story is heading - and that kid Hooky is officially On Notice for us - but we're looking forward to getting the final version spinning in our PS2s and seeing how far Sumner takes us.