Epic Movie trailer online!

Hey you! Yeah, you know who you are… The one who bought every Scary Movie flick on DVD and then took his missus to see Date Movie… twice. Do you even care what the fallout of your actions are? Well, you’ve gone and done it now… Get ready for Epic Movie.

As the trailer proudly informs us, this movie is from two of the six Scary Movie creators… great. Epic Movie follows the usual pattern – mercilessly ripping the proverbial out of the box office’s most notable triumphs from the last two years or so.

There will be the odd laugh out loud moment (we’re looking forward to seeing what they’ve done with Da Vinci Code) and there will be those that fly way past the target. But to be honest, if the trailer is anything to go by, Epic Movie will be a decent enough time waster.

Click here to see one of the best Sam Jackson impressions ever...

Source: ( Myspace Videos )

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