Homelander and Butcher’s ultimate showdown will be key part of The Boys ending in season 5

The Boys
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The Boys is officially ending with season 5, and it seems like for Butcher and Homelander, it has all been leading to this. Eric Kripke shared some insight into how important their final fight will be to this story before it was confirmed the next season will be the last.

"The big meta storyline is these two forces of Homelander and Butcher coming towards each other, and these two meteors or two planets," Kripke told Discussing Film. "So whatever the ending is, it has to heavily involve that, finally bringing that to a head and with whatever disruption that entails."

Addressing the wider franchise, which includes Gen V, The Boys Presents: Diabolical, and a potential The Boys Mexico spin-off, Kripke went on to add that there are more stories to tell. "There’s obviously other series in this universe, there are other corners of the universe to explore, but this particular story is about Homelander and Butcher crashing into each other."

Beyond that, no further details have been announced and we’ve also got a whole season to tackle before we get to the show’s conclusion. However, fans are already theorizing that both characters may not make it out alive of one final epic encounter. 

"They both dying," replied one, while another added: "It’s a well-deserved ending. An actual conclusion. And the universe gets to live on." A third tweeted: "The season finale of the boys will be insane."

While we wait for that, The Boys season 4 is about to kick off very soon on Prime Video. Check out our The Boys season 4 release schedule and The Boys season 4 review for more details.

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