A wild Doctor Who theory suggests who Ruby’s mother is – and we’ve met them before

Doctor Who 73 Yards
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Doctor Who may have pulled back the curtain on Sutekh last week, but one prevailing question still remains: who is Ruby Sunday’s mother?

As ever, passionate Whovians have been picking apart previous episodes in the hopes of figuring out the show’s ongoing, snow-filled mystery.

On Reddit, u/L0g1cw1z4rd posits a wild theory, but one that (just about) makes sense: Ruby’s mother is River Song, the time-travelling wife of the Doctor and daughter of Amy Pond, played by Alex Kingston.

"River is Ruby’s mother. They’ve been playing us the whole time," the theory begins.

They then point to The Devil’s Chord villain – and fellow god alongside Sutekh – Maestro being warded off by the "song in Ruby."

It wasn’t a musical number, however, but something altogether more literal. "It was the Song in her," the Redditor wrote. "Ruby Song."

Throw in some interesting naming conventions with Amy Pond, River Song, and the mysterious Mrs. Flood (who we still haven’t quite figured out yet), and the theory gets even more compelling.

If that’s the case, the lineage of the Doctor could become very interesting indeed. Given River’s romantic history with the Doctor – and her propensity for meeting the Time Lord chronologically out of order through major events in their lives – there’s a chance that Ruby is actually the Doctor’s daughter.

This is where your head might start to hurt. if the theory rings true, it would mean Ruby is the mother of Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter and one of the show’s original companions. It also would mean Susan and Mrs. Flood are one and the same, as she seemingly has some role to play in the upcoming season finale. The headache will all be worth it, mind, if we hear ‘Hello Sweetie’ one last time.

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