Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

The concept of playing well with others extends to all aspects of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which shares not only its title with the popular online game Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, but also its development team at Splash Damage.

Single-player literally doesn't exist: no bots appear to fill in for missing humans, and even the training levels take place in a multiplayer space. Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood calls Quake Wars a "pure multiplayer game," noting that "nobody complains about World of Warcraft not having a single-player offline component."

Enemy Territory will give you toys including 4x4 ATV quad bikes, three-person jeeps, six-wheel drive mobile cannons, a helicopter with both rotors and jet engines for easier newbie control, and even some amphibious vehicles. They're not just generic trucks used to get from point A to point B; each vehicle serves a combat purpose and some are tied to specific character classes. For the GDF, those classes include the grunt-like Soldier; a Ranger suited to covert ops and sniping; a Field Ops class who can call in air strikes and blow up turrets; as well as the nerdy Engineer and always-necessary Medic.