Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One just got a sneaky release date

You wouldn't know it to look at it's built-for-Imgur void-porn visuals, but Elite: Dangerous is not finished on Xbox One - not for another month, anyway. On the 6th October, one of the first Xbox Game Preview games will be the first to become a finished product, according to Frontier boss, David Braben.

In an AMA on Reddit (opens in new tab), Braben snuck the announcement into his responses to a slew of questions from a fan, adding: "there was a big announcement in that list. That date is the one we are aiming for." Given that the game is being brought in line with the PC and Mac editions, it will be giving a little something back - timed exclusive PVP mode, CQC will hit all platforms on the same day.

Braben's other answers reveal some smaller details, too - Game Preview Owners won't be able to retain their ships and modules when the game swaps over, but will be given the in-game cash value of said items. They'll also receive rewards for being part of the Preview audience. Most excitingly, we got full confirmation that the Horizons expansions, which will include the ability to explore entire planets, are coming to Xbox One.

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This story has been amended after originally stating that CQC would only be available on Xbox One on release day.

Joe Skrebels
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