Elektra takes on a startling new role in Daredevil #25 - spoilers

Daredevil #25 panel
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This week's Daredevil #25 from writer Chip Zdarsky and artists Marco Checchetto and Marcio Menyz lays out massive status quo changes for both Matt Murdock and Daredevil.

As Daredevil enters prison, his allies lay out a plan to protect Hell's Kitchen, and possibly Matt Murdock's life, as he's behind bars. Read on to find out how.

Spoilers ahead for Daredevil #25.

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As Daredevil #25 opens, Daredevil himself has been sentenced to prison where he's allowed to wear a mask to conceal his identity in part of a special plea deal to lock up the vigilante without revealing his secret – a move that could put the freedom of other heroes in danger.

But he's not alone – he's quickly joined in his cell by Elektra, who has stealthily entered the prison to confront Daredevil. First revealing she knows he's Matt Murdock – a secret known only to a select few – she then reveals she's been working with Daredevil's former mentor Stick to uncover the truth of the ancient evil ninja cabal the Hand, longtime enemies of Daredevil and Elektra.

She reveals that they've discovered a secret text that reveals the way to beat the Hand once and for all. They must form their own group called the Fist, which Elektra says requires a "king and queen" to lead. She entices Daredevil to break out of prison with her, but he refuses, saying he has to take responsibility for killing someone. Daredevil tells Elektra that if she is truly trying to do the right thing, she must prove it while he remains behind bars.

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Elektra decides to take Matt seriously and returning to the streets of Hell's Kitchen, she decides to take up Matt's legacy for herself – donning a costume as the new Daredevil of Hell's Kitchen.

This is hardly the first time Matt Murdock has been replaced by an ally as Daredevil for one reason or another. In previous stories, both Iron Fist and Spider-Man have filled in as Daredevil – however, in both cases, they were impersonating the actual Daredevil to help Matt Murdock. Elektra constitutes one of the first heroes to take up the identity of Daredevil on her own, as a totally separate vigilante.

There's one final twist, however; as Elektra returns to Stick's lair, she explains her confrontation with Matt Murdock and his refusal to leave prison. Stick agrees to play things her way but reminds her that the Fist will require both a King and Queen – and only one can ultimately survive.

The story continues in Daredevil #26, due out January 27.

Writer Chip Zdarsky recently opened up to Newsarama about what's coming for Daredevil – and more big changes are on the way.

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