Daredevil no more? Elektra #100 will set up her future post-Devil's Reign

Elektra #100 cover
Elektra #100 cover (Image credit: Dan Panosian (Marvel Comics))

The Elektra comic book series returns this April, but for one day and one issue only - an oversized one-shot comic book titled Elektra #100.

Confused by this, given there's no Elektra series on stands even nearing the 100-issue mark? We'll explain in a bit.

Elektra #100 variant cover (Image credit: Dike Ruan (Marvel Comics))

Elektra #100 is described as "the starting point of what is to come" for the character, as well as a revisitation of all she's been through in her 41-year history. In current comic books, she's acting as a second Daredevil alongside her sometimes love Matt Murdock in the ongoing Daredevil series, the current Devil's Reign event, and a spin-off solo series titled Daredevil: Woman Without Fear. This issue, with Elektra seemingly reclaiming her name (as opposed to Matt Murdock's superhero name) it could be a sign that her time as Daredevil will be ending, and possibly setting up something else.

Elektra will be written by veteran Daredevil writer Ann Nocenti, with art from a team of artists including (but not limited to) Paulo Siqueira and Ty Templeton.

Originally created in 1981's Daredevil #168 by Frank Miller as a one-off character, the Greek assassin Elektra quickly became a key part of the Daredevil ensemble cast - and in some occasions, a star of her own. 

Elektra #100 main cover (Image credit: Dan Panosian (Marvel Comics))

For longtime comic fans, seeing a new Elektra issue numbered #100 is a bit of a surprise, given she hasn't had an ongoing series of her own since 2017. But using Marvel's 'legacy math' to count all the issues of her various ongoing series, limited series, one-shots, and graphic novels bearing her name, you can come up with a nice round number of 100. And nice round numbers like has always been a great selling point for publishers to do a special issue of a series.

Elektra #100 will be the unofficial coda to the aforementioned three-issue Daredevil: Woman Without Fear limited series. In fact, Elektra #100 will be collected in the hardcover collection of Daredevil: Woman Without Fear.

Elektra #100's primary cover is by Dan Panosian, with variant covers expected from Dike Ruan, Jen Bartel, and more.

Elektra #100 goes on sale April 6, with the collected Daredevil: Woman Without Fear hardcover anticipated for June 1.

Elektra faced some stiff competition in our ranking of the best female superheroes of all time. 

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