Elder Scrolls 6 is still "years" away, stresses Bethesda, so don't expect any new details soon

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The Elder Scrolls 6 is still "years away" from releasing, Bethesda has reiterated.

In response to a question asking about the status of the game on Twitter, Bethesda’s SVP of global marketing Pete Hines firmly ruled out offering any further reveals about The Elder Scrolls 6 anytime soon, stressing that fans need to temper their expectations for any new information about the upcoming RPG sequel, slated to hit next-gen consoles the PS5 and Xbox Series X sometime in the distant future. 

He also leads with the fact that the studio's other next-gen RPG, Starfield, remains its priority for now. 

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It's a clear statement that will no doubt come as a disappointment to those hoping for more news about the game over the Summer. But it's not as if it's the only project in the works at Bethesda, as it does at least have other titles closer to the horizon like Deathloop, Starfield, and Ghostwire: Tokyo to get excited about instead. 

Still, you have to wonder why the company even decided to announce The Elder Scrolls 6 back in 2018 if it knew the game was still at least half a decade away from release, even if that teaser trailer is still incredibly exciting. In better news, creative director Todd Howard has promised that the Skyrim sequel is being designed "for people to play for a decade at least", so here's hoping it's worth the wait. 

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