Elden Ring won't be delayed again, and the dev team is working on a day one patch

The Tarnished and the Elden Lord in Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Elden Ring won't receive any further days, and the development team is busy working on a day one patch.

The new information comes courtesy of FromSoftware producer Yasuhiro Kitao who, in a pre-recorded presentation earlier today at the Taipei Games Show 2022, revealed that the "master copy" of Elden Ring has been submitted. Kitao assured players that, despite the delay of Elden Ring from January to February, the title will be "ready for sale" on February 25.

Additionally, the Elden Ring producer revealed that the development team at FromSoftware is working on a day one patch for the new action-RPG. Kitao didn't give away any specifics about what the day one patch will change or improve for Elden Ring, but this shouldn't come as a huge surprise, given that past FromSoftware games like Dark Souls 3 have also seen updates on the day of launch.

Elden Ring's master copy having been submitted also shouldn't be a great shock, given that it allegedly went gold last month in December 2021. This is according to FromSoftware expert and modder Lance McDonald, per the tweet below.

Elden Ring is slated to launch next month on February 25 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, and FromSoftware's game looks like it's all systems go for launch day. Elsewhere in the presentation today, Kitao revealed the closed network test's Stormveil Castle area can be temporarily skipped, since the player can return later on once they've buffed up.

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