Elden Ring accidentally revives the notorious Dark Souls 3 frontstab backstab

Elden Ring colosseum locations
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Elden Ring's latest patch might've inadvertently re-enabled a broken feature from all the way back in Dark Souls 3.

That's right baby, the old frontstab backstabs are back! Backstabs in Dark Souls 3 were finnicky beasts - they were seriously unpredictable in PvP combat, and would often see someone backstab another player when they were facing their opponent head-on.

Well, we're here today to report that Dark Souls 3's busted backstabs appear to be back, only in Elden Ring this time. As you can see in the Reddit post below, two players enter the PvP Colosseum part of the game, and one player manages to backstab the other while they're basically side-on to their opponent.

Yep, DS3 Backstabs are back from r/Eldenring

Yes, the frontstab backstabs truly are back. The Reddit user posits that the recent Elden Ring patch 1.10 might've enabled the weird feature by accident, and it's easy to see their logic - if the broken backstabs have only just started appearing in Elden Ring now, surely the game's most recent patch from earlier this week is to blame?

But, to be fair, the whole thing hasn't gone down as badly as you think it would with Elden Ring's community. The opposing player actually applauds the user when they pull off the backstab in the Colosseum, and the Reddit comments are filled with people finding the whole thing just very funny.

Then again, some are frustrated at the uptick in backstabs this is inevitably going to cause. "Limiting the ease of backstabs was the single best contribution from Elden Ring's pvp imo. Backstab fishing was a menace since demon's souls and I was glad to see it mostly gone. sigh," writes one commenter, with a few hundred upvotes. 

Here's hoping this doesn't quite uproot Elden Ring's relatively balanced PvP meta we've been enjoying of late.

We can't help but wonder how the Elden Ring DLC will impact the PvP balance FromSoftware has curated over the past year.

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