Eidos: "No comment" on Tomb Raider 360

The ESRB (the men in suits that give our games their ratings) has updated its website to include five entries for the recently released Tomb Raider: Anniversary on PS2 and PC (PSP version to follow soon).

Update:We havejust received a "no comment" from Eidos. When contacted we got the "statement" before we even had chance to say "Hello Eidos, it's GamesRadar." Busy day for Eidos PR. Update out

The five entries are the names of the levels from Tomb Raider: Anniversary:

  • Peru
  • Lost City
  • Egypt
  • Croft Manor
  • Greece

But it's not a list of all the levels from the game. Either the ESRB has got it totally wrong or Eidos has selected the cream of Tomb Raider: Anniversary's level crop to be released on Xbox 360. The internet's finger is pointing to these being released as cuts of downloadable content via Marketplace.

Last time we spoke to Eidos about the reasons why Tomb Raider: Anniversary wasn't being released on Xbox 360 anyway, we were told that it would have taken too much time to create the levels and textures in HD. Interestingly Eidos US didn't deny the report, instead it told GameDaily that it would call its parent company in the UK and ask for an update.

We'll get in touch with Eidos as soon as they arrive for work. Stay tuned.

You can find GamesRadar's Tomb Raider: Anniversary for PS2here.

June 7, 2007