Eddie Griffin revs up for Redline

If the thought of The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift just isn’t enough propeller head racing madness to scratch that itch, we’ve got good news for your inner speed demon.

Chicago Pictures is dropping Deuce Bigalow’s Eddie Griffin and Wolf Creek’s Nathan Phillips into the driving seat of Redline, a new auto thriller that’s being directed by former stunt co-ordinator Andy Cheng (who has worked on the likes of Daredevil and Rush Hour).

And to drum up a little easy publicity, the movie’s financier - a real estate investor named Daniel Sadek - has agreed to use his personal car collection for the racing scenes. The crazy fool is putting in such pricey vehicles as a Ferrari F430, Phantom Lamborghini Murcielago and two McLaren F1s. And he’ll even let the filmmakers destroy one of his two $200,000 Porsche Carrera GTs. It occurs to us that he has entirely too much money. We’d be willing to take some off of his hands. And if he’s so casual with his cars, we’ll have a few of those, too.

But Sadek is convinced that he can draw audiences in: "We want to do the real deal," Sadek told the Hollywood Reporter. "We don't want to do CGI. We thought it would create some hype. People will know we're destroying a real Porsche - not a model, but a real one. Every kid, every man of every age loves cars. And nobody has seen all these cars in one movie, racing." No, he’s right about that, at least.

Along for the ride is soap star Nadia Bjorlin and Wyclef Jean, who has agreed to score the film in exchange for a cameo in the movie. Think he’ll wave to his mum?

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