EA's Iron Man game has officially started production

Iron Man stares at the player in a dark room
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Dead Space remake developer EA Motive has already started production on its single-player Iron Man game. 

As revealed by a recent AMA on Reddit,  the previously announced single-player Iron Man game has officially begun production. We first heard that this game was being developed by EA back in September 2022, and now almost six months on, we know that it's progressing nicely as the team at EA Motive has "started working" on the project. 

Replying to a fan in the Reddit thread, EA Motive explained that it would be "interested in continuing [its] work on the Dead Space franchise," but that after shipping the game just a couple of weeks ago, the team is first taking "a well-deserved vacation before determining what's next." It's in this reply that the studio then revealed that another team at the studio "has started working on Iron Man," before reassuring fans that the game is "in great hands."

ea_motive_dev_team_ama_february_3rd_12pm_pt from r/DeadSpace

Not much is known about the Iron Man project just yet - all we do know is that EA Motive is developing it and that it's set to be a "single-player, third-person action-adventure" game. We also know that the game is being headed up by former Guardians of the Galaxy producer Olivier Proulx and that it's just one of "several" Marvel games in development with EA.

There's actually a lot of games to look forward to at the moment, especially if you're a Marvel fan. Not only have we got this Iron Man game on the cards, but we've also got Insomniac's two superhero games Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Marvel's Wolverine coming up soon too.

Want a full list of what's in development? Take a look at our upcoming Marvel games list.

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