Stargirl and Legends of Tomorrow join DC's Arrowverse crossover event Earth-Prime

Earth-Prime #4 cover
Earth-Prime #4 cover (Image credit: Kim Jacinto (DC))

The CW's DC television shows are coming full circle to a comic book event set in the canon of the Arrowverse universe. 

Launching April 5, Earth-Prime is a three-month, six-issue event with the first five issues spotlighting a current individual CW/DC series, with the final issue (Earth-Prime #6) being a full-on Arrowverse crossover.

Actors, writers, and even showrunners from the shows will be involved in the creation of each double-sized issue approved by the show's producers. 

With the unlimited possibilities of comic books, the event could potentially feature characters, settings, and action sequences not possible on the budgets of weekly TV series and could also include the possible returns of characters from Arrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning, all series no longer in production. 

DC has released information about the first four issues, which are coming in April and May. Here's a rundown:

Earth-Prime #1 - Batwoman (April 5)

Earth-Prime #1

Earth-Prime #1 cover (Image credit: Kim Jacinto (DC))

The event kicks off April 5 with Earth-Prime #1, featuring characters from the Batwoman TV series. The story stars the titular new Batwoman (Ryan Wilder) dealing with classic Batman villain Clayface (making his Arrowverse in-continuity debut) who binds himself to a local high school student along with Luke Fox who deals with being both a new superhero and a boyfriend. 

Earth-Prime #1 will be written by show writers Natalie Abrams and Kelly Larson, along with the Luke Fox/Batwing actor Camrus Johnson. Comic book veteran Clayton Henry draws the issue.

Earth-Prime #2 - Superman & Lois (April 19)

Earth-Prime #2 cover (Image credit: Kim Jacinto (DC))

In this episo– err, issue - of Earth-Prime, Clark Kent and Lois Lane celebrate their first wedding anniversary but are pulled off track by their respective careers as superhero and reporter. Plus the origins of the evil Superman variant from Earth-TUD22 that's been teased in the first two seasons of the show will finally be explored directly.

Earth-Prime #2 will be written by Superman & Lois writers - Adam Mallinger, Jai Jamison, and Andrew Wong. Classic Superman artist Tom Grummett will be drawing the issue, with inker Norm Rapmund.

Both of the first two issues of Earth-Prime feature covers by Kim Jacinto along with a Batwoman and Superman and Lois photo variant cover for the first and second issue, respectively.

Earth-Prime #3 - Legends of Tomorrow (May 3)

Earth-Prime #3 cover (Image credit: Kim Jacinto (DC))

As first reported by AIPT!, Ray Palmer makes a surprise return in Earth-Prime: Legends of Tomorrow #3, reuniting some retired teammates for a rescue mission - to save Mick Rory's Necrian children from some Necrian assassins.

Earth-Prime: Legends of Tomorrow #3 will be written by two of the show's writers, Lauren Fields and Daniel Park. The issue will be drawn by DC veterans Paul Pelletier and Andrew Hennessy.

Earth-Prime #4 - Stargirl (May 17)

Earth-Prime #4 cover (Image credit: Kim Jacinto (DC))

Also from AIPT!, the fourth installment of Earth-Prime will be centered on the character/show Stargirl - and of course, her extended family. The Dugan-Whitmores will be going on a family vacation out in the woods, but things go awry when "something sinister" begins hunting Pat Dugan - leading to Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. suiting up to fight back.

Series writers (and comic veterans) James Robinson and Paula Sevenbergen are writing the issue, with art from the iconic DC artist Jerry Ordway.

Earth-Prime #5 - The Flash (June)

By process of elimation, the Earth-Prime penultimate issue - Earth-Prime #5 - would be Flash-centric, and debut sometime in June. Details about the issue have not been revealed by DC.

All of the first five issues will also feature bonus material created by cast members of the shows, along with "teasers" that give readers clues to the "nature of the final crossover in issue #6," according to DC.

While the first five issues are all based on the current DC-TV line-up, as we mentioned, appearances by characters from any previous or current Arrowverse shows in any issue but especially the sixth crossover is possible, including in-development series like Gotham Knights and Justice U. 

Stay tuned to Newsarama for more details on this project leading up to its debut on April 5.

The Arrowverse is doing their first proper comic book crossover event - how will it compare with the best DC Comic stories of all time?

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