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Early access to Duke Nukem Forever for all PC Borderlands owners? Certainly looks like it

Do you have a PC? Do you own Borderlands? Do you own Borderlands for that PC? And is Steam the wonderful vaprous interface that binds them blissfully together? Well go and check your Steam account now. There's a chance Duke Nukem could be hiding away in there, ready to jump out and kick you in the balls. With his demo. At some point.

Last week, 2K Games announced that all Borderlands Game of the Year Edition bundles would come with an early access voucher for the Duke Nukem Forever demo (when it eventually arrives, presumably 'when it's done'). But thanks to a bit of sniffing around by a couple of PC-based Pandora explorers, it looks like plain old vanilla Borderlands owners could be in for the same treat.

Borderlands players Jon and Steve have both spotted the DNF demo early access code sitting in their Steam accounts alongside the Borderlands entry.Kotaku have checked out the claimand verified it via their own accounts. And at least one of those players hadn't even bought any of Borderlands' DLC, discounting the idea that 2K is rolling out the offer to anyone who's previously bought the GotY edition piecemeal.

Of course, this could all be a big error, and the early Duke access could mysteriously disappear before the demo hits. But if you have the right combination of Borderlands and format, it's definitely worth checking out. If you find anything exciting, be sure to let us know.

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