EA talks "Godfather II"

John Riccitiello has been talking freely about The Godfather II. At the William Blair & Company's investor meetingon Tuesday, Riccitiello said that EA's Redwood Shores studio is at work on a sequel to The Godfather game, which released in 2006.

"It's a game that I think we'll be talking a lot about this fall," Riccitiello told investors. "You can play this game both at the street level, much like a GTA-style game, but you can also play it top-down, almost like you're in an RTS, controlling the strategy of the boroughs so you can see what's going on..."

EA's Hunter Smith, who is credited on two James Bond games from EA among others, is serving as executive producer on The Godfather II, according to Riccitiello.

The megapublisher had been talking about a sequel to the original Godfather game even before the franchise launched on game systems. David DeMartini, Godfather's executive producer, said in February 2006 that EA's intention is "to make two or three" games within the Godfather movie universe.

EA's Redwood Shores studio is also working on the horror game, Dead Space.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 18, 2008