EA reportedly deciding the fate of Anthem later this week

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EA is reportedly making the final decision on the future of Anthem later this week, according to Bloomberg

BioWare's Anthem famously launched back in 2019 to less-than-stellar reviews thanks in large part to clunky UI, unclear game mechanics, and excessive loading screens. Back in October of 2020, BioWare announced huge Anthem changes were on the horizon, including a complete retool of the Javelins and a new Artifacts system. Plans for the game's future were laid in a lengthy blog post from BioWare, months after we saw concept art featuring pirates and a revamped loot system for what the devs were calling Anthem 2.0.

Since then, Anthem 2.0 has come to be known as Anthem Next - but according to Bloomberg, it's unclear if EA wants to give developers the budget to make the revamped game happen. The author of last year's blog posts detailing the future of Anthem, Executive Producer Christian Dailey, left the Anthem dev team last December, and now EA will decide the game's fate. 

According to "three people familiar with the matter" executives at EA will "review the latest version of Anthem NExt and decide whether to expand the team or abandon the project". The Anthem Next team reportedly consists of about 30 people, and the anonymous sources claim BioWAre will need to "at least triple that in order to produce new content and continue attempting to overhaul the game." 

Bloomberg reached out to EA and was told the company won't comment on "rumor and speculation." We'll update this story accordingly, but for now, expect Anthem's fate to be decided sometime this week.

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