Huge Anthem changes are coming according to Bioware

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A brand new Anthem blog update has been posted by BioWare, as the developer examines some of the upcoming changes planned for Javelin suits.

Over on the BioWare website, the new Anthem blog was posted yesterday. Before delving into any of the specifics, BioWare takes a moment to remind everyone that what they're reading here is still very much a work in progress, and is likely to change by the time the updates are actually implemented in Anthem.

Speaking the updates themselves, Javelins will be changing in some pretty big ways. BioWare will be changing up Javelin load outs with a brand new screen, seen below, which allows players to change equipment and abilities on a single screen, items being categorized between 11 slots, and weapons being put into primary and secondary categories.


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Next, there's some significant changes for Javelin abilities. BioWare will be making abilities available through unlocks instead of random drops, and you'll be able to boost these abilities by equipping them with mods. Additionally, you'll be working to maximize three traits: Specializations, Abilities, and Equipment, each of which can be enhanced with Inscriptions.

There'll also be brand new Skill Trees for Javelins. Each Javelin type will be able to level up, unlocking Skill Points which can then be used to unlock Abilities, Passives, and Stat Boosts. Finally, each Specialization will have its own dedicated Skill Tree.

Delving into these Skill Trees further, BioWare stress that they're largely designed to replace your Pilot Level. They're currently testing a system where each Javelin has a "basic" Skill Tree, where all the baseline Abilities, Passives, Triggered Abilities, and Stat Boosts for your Javelin can be unlocked. 

After this basic Skill Tree is complete, you'll be able to unlock certain Specializations. Each Specialization has an Advanced Skill Tree, where you can unlock specific Abilities, Upgrades, and more for your Javelin.

Rounding out the blog, BioWare is also experimenting with an Artifacts system, designed to replace the Components. Artifacts are designed to superpower certain abilities and features of a Javelin, turning your Ranger's Rocket Pod into a Skyfell Launcher Artifact, a pair of back-mounted pods that transform into powerful rocket launchers, for example.

This is the first news we've heard of Anthem's big 2.0 relaunch since earlier this year, when concept art featuring sky pirates was unveiled in July. That same month, BioWare also revealed a look at the revamped loot system for Anthem's reboot, which will eventually be arriving at some point in the future.

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