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EA confirms FREE Battlefield game

Battlefield Heroes is a spin off from the Battlefield series that the publisher assures will be completely free to download and play.

While we've not seen any screenshots as yet, the PC-exclusive Heroes apparently features a cartoon-y art style but retains the Battlefield series' core multiplayer gameplay slant. A bit like TF2?

However, EA explains that the title is aimed at the mass market, so we're no too sure what to expect.

"It is easy to pick up and play but with robust character customisation and a deep online meta-game, gamers can spend hours building up their characters and conquering the world," says EA.

And while it's free to download and play, obviously the money has to come from somewhere. Hence, Battlefield Heroes will generate cash through advertising and micro-transactions.

The reassuring news for the Battlefield hardcore is that the game's being developed by DICE in Stockholm, which brought us Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2.

Ben Cousins, senior producer at EA DICE, says Battlefield Heroes will continually be updated with new content following its summer launch.

Courtesy of CVG

Jan 22, 2008