E3 RIP...

Monday 31 July 2006
The largest, loudest, sensory overload show on the planet, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), has been cancelled in its present form for the foreseeable future, according to an exclusive report on our sister site, Next-Gen.biz.

Industry top brass revealed to Next-Gen that many of the show's biggest players were deserting after deciding the costs involved in exhibiting at E3 simply weren't worth it and that it would be more beneficial to spend money on their own events that exclusively promoted their own products.

Without the support of the heavyweight game and console makers, E3 organiser Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has apparently reached the decision that there is no point continuing the show in its present form.

The article predicts that ESA will make an announcement this week to officially confirm the news and speculates that a scaled down E3 may still be organised.

Above: May just won't be the same without E3. Sob

Matt Cundy
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