E3 2007 Supersite

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E3 has morphed from the 800-pound gorilla of years past into a seventeen-headed hydra for 2007. But when it's all said and done, it's still the only place in the world that matters this week. Literally hundreds of games are going to be shown at this year's perfect storm of press conferences, hotel room appointments, and airplane hangar booth tours.

Therefore, we've hammered together this one-stop shop to bring you all the sights, sounds and sensory overloads from the week-long center of the videogaming universe: sunny Santa Monica, California. So park it here until the flow of goodness fills your skull and oozes out your pores so strongly that your co-workers start asking, "Hey, who's eating kimchi and sardines?"

You'll find features here on this page, and more platform-specific fare on the pages following. It's going to be a hell of a week. Don't see the article you're looking for? We'll keep updating our E3 coverage every hour or so byadding links to our most up to date info and news as it's announced. Let's get started.

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Press Conferences:

Alternative Press Conference
The best balls-ups, embarrassments, innuendoes and laughs from the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo press conferences

Microsoft throws gauntlet at press conference
Xbox publisher claims "Greatest Holiday lineup in videogame history" - and may be right

Nintendo Press Conference
Mario Kart online, Wii Fit and Wii Zapper headline

Sony Press Conference
PlayStation nation touts big games and tweaked hardware, gets hug from Chewbacca


Surprise no-shows at E3
Hot games, curiously absent

AE3A - the alternative E3 awards
What games are worth recognition? We show the world

The best and the worst trailers
All the E3 2007 trailers you need to watch, and the ones you'll wish you didn't

The food of E3
We tasted it all, and we rate it harshly for your amusement

Worst screenshots of E3
Art is dead

Top 7 reasons E3 sucks
We came, we saw, we filmed, we left... sad. find out the dire truth of the hangar in our video Top 7

Nintendo hits the big issues
Finally taking online and third parties seriously

The free swag of E3
When you absolutely, positively must leave with as much free stuff as possible

The sexy girls of E3!
Loads of pics of E3's very hottest ladies

Want an invite to E3?
We've got them all! Tickets, lanyards, passes - beautifully snapped for your ogling pleasure

The offical GamesRadar behind the scenes video blog
We bring you updates on what we see and think, from the trenches of E3: Day 1,Day 2

Hangar Hell!
E3 has changed into something... lame

We talk to the "real" people
Who are the hosts and what are they like? We get chatting...

The Top 7... E3 games we don't want to see
We dare you to get excited about this week's Naruto.

E3: How we got here
How the hell did gaming's largest event get downsized to an airplane hangar?

E3: a disaster in the making?
The event's a shell of its former self - read why our favorite trade show may disappoint big time

News from the frontlines:

Five possible locations revealed for E3 08
E3 Summit Management asks where the next one should be held - but Vegas doesn't get a look in

The word on the street
Has the show been a hit or a bit shit? Candid opinion inside

Free swag of E3
When you absolutely, positively must leave with as much free stuff as possible

Lord General speaks
Tabula Rasa producer andex-Lord British, Richard Garriott updates his attire to promote his new MMO

360s don't even work, says Sony
"Do they want to be selling [Xbox 360] for 10 years and refurbishing them all for 10 more years?"

PS3 60GB phase-out "false" claims SCEA
Confusion surrounds the future of the $499 60GB version of PS3

The Frag Dolls talk about underwear
Ubisoft's pro gamers get ambushed about fitness games, rabbits, and yeah, panties

Miyamoto on Wii Balance Board potential
Developers and health experts interested in the new Wii controller, says Miyamoto

Metal Gear creator calls for the resurgence of E3!
We've got video to prove it

Sexy girl rides bull
How long can she stay on?

Sixaxis to rumble in September
Manufacturer to begin distributing for PS3 inautumn

New PSP makes us sad
Come on, Sony - what gives?

Guncon hits PS3!
Time Crisis requires serious firepower - get a look

Oh my God! The hanger sucks
The center of E3 07 is a big shed

Zapper lands in our hands
Nintendo's new gun - elusive at E3, but we found it

Nintendo blasts out a list of release dates
Smash Bros., Mario Galaxy dated

Top game updates:

Mass Effect - latest impressions
Choose your own galactic adventure

BioShock - killing spree
So many ways to die in 60 seconds

World of Warcraft expansion?
"Over the next couple of months you'll hear something, if not the next couple of weeks," says Blizzard

Super Mario Galaxy levels revealed
New levels of Nintendo heaven

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - hands-on
Ratchet's biggest adventure yet looks like the best reason to buy a PS3 - find out why

Halo 3
We begin the single player campaign and describe every second of the epic experience

We've seen Fallout 3
First details on Vault 101 will please fans and lure strangers to the post-apocalyptic wasteland

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