E3 07: Uncharted unearths new screens

We've got a whopping 14 new shots for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the PS3-only title from Jak %26amp; Daxter developers Naughty Dog. One thing's clear - Lara Croft had better not lose her looks before the next Tomb Raider, or she may just be a goner.

Check out thenew screens (opens in new tab), and you'll see that Uncharted has everything: action-packed jeep rides, stubble, hiding behind things, climbing up things, a concerned-looking girl, guns and ancient temples both gloomy and sun-dappled. Well, everything that a good ol' fashioned treasure-hunting jungle romp should have.

Above: Woah. Now that's a set-piece. Prince of Persia never had it this rickety

Drake's Fortune is our high hope for the first true great adventure on PS3, a franchise to bolster the console in a manner befitting of the original Jak and Daxter. While that franchise did kind of peter out fairly quietly, it capably showed what could be done with PS2 when talented first-party hands get busy.

July 13, 2007