Dungeon Keeper 2 Cheats

Dungeon Keeper 2 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Extra 100,000 Mana (Version 1.51 Only)

    ha ha thisaway ha ha thataway

  • PC | Submitted by DK Master (Redshift12@aol.com)

    Loads of money, No Fog, All rooms etc&

    Hit CTRL + ALT + C, then you will hear a quiet noise. Then type one of the following:

    now the rain has gone -reveals entire map.

    show me the money - More Cash

    feel the power -all creatures at level 10

    this is my church -all rooms

    fit the best -all traps and doors

    i belive its magic -all spells researched level 1

    do not fear the reaper -complete level

    After you have typed one of these, you should hear the same noise again.
    Because the sentences have the letters p, h, m, i etc... your dungeon will move around a bit, this is normal and is supposed to happen.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Select Level

    Start the game using the command line dk2.exe -level


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    Sacrifice List

    2 Warlocks = 1 Goblin
    2 Trolls = 1 Warlock
    2 Goblins = Gold
    2 Dark Elves = 1 Troll
    2 Skeletons = 1 Dark Elf
    2 Mistresses = Punishment
    2 Salamanders = 1 Mistress
    2 Bile Demons = 1 Rogue
    2 Vampires = 1 Bile Demon
    2 Rogues = 1 Salamander
    2 Black Knights = 1 Vampire
    2 Dark Angels = Gold
    2 Imps = Cheap Imp Spell
    2 Fireflies = Gold

    Wizzardýs Power Words for Dungeon Keeper 2:

    Dungeon Keeper 2 has arrived - full of many new strategic challenges.
    Here is a collection of tips to empower your gameplay. Thanx to
    MeisterFeger for Hardware, visit me at www.wizz.de for new tips &
    downloads on DK2.

    - Basic Dungeon Design(TM): build all rooms in squares (exept treasure
    chamber & lair), at least 3x3 (Casino 4x4). Dig them out that there are
    always surrounded by walls and (if you have the time) secured by doors &
    traps. The doors & walls will also enshure that the creatures donýt get
    disturbed form each others work & work more effectively. Build the
    library & the lair far away from the workshop and torture-chamber.
    Protect your Dungeon-Heart with many cannons, boulders,
    electricity-traps & (a very effective trick:) with secret doors. Use the
    stronger doors more to the inner areas of your dungeon. There should be
    no long ways between training-chambers, library hatchery & lair. Plan
    your Dungeon Design wisely, because that is one of the most important
    factors of winning the game, escpecially in MultiPlayer.

    - Fights: during a Dungeon Keeper-Game you will enounter many fights
    with enemy creatures. Because of the short K.O.-time when dropped (no
    defense then), you should place your monsters three squares away form
    enemies. The blockers (Bile Demon) in the front-line, the long-range
    fighters (Worlock, Dark Elf) in the last line. Watch them carefully,
    because they tend to silently leave the fight & head home. Place them
    back to the fight.Like in StarCraft it is good to take all fighters for
    an important fight, because if you attack e.g. four enemies with 10 or
    with 20 monsters makes a big difference in the losses. (20 monsters hit
    more in the same time). Fighting in corridors: in the frontline are two
    bile demons & behind them place many Dark Elfs & Worlocks.

    - Speed-Start-Tip (especially for games vs. other keepers or
    Multiplayer): Donýt dig too big rooms in the beginning, three 3x3 rooms
    are enough, then let your imps mark the floor & that will increase your
    mana & when having enough mana, summon new imps at once. Donýt let your
    Imps strengten your walls at beginning. If one does so, place him
    directly near other work. In those 3x3-rooms build the elementary rooms
    like lair, hatchery & training-rooms. Then open the way to the portal.
    When having some more money & place: build a large library because the
    magic spells researched by the Worlocks will help you in the games later

    - and having a lot Worlocks is quite handy as long-range fighters.

    - Imps: they have a level-system, too. When researching the better
    Imp-Spell you should wait until it is finished before summoning new
    ones. If you want an Imp to do a certain work (e.g. dig out this wall or
    take that dead hero to the graveyard) place them exactly on the sqare
    where the work is. They work better when you place them next to their
    work, the know you wathc them. And of course they work better when you
    give them a slap.

    - Sometimes you have to build a wooden bridge to reach important places
    over lava (& you donýt have stone bridges in the first levels): place
    the Imp at the end of the bridge, let it grab the stuff & place it on
    safe stonefloor. Before the wood burns away sell the bridge.

    - Mana: later in the game when the Imps have done the most important
    work, dig as many free space as you can to get a big area which brings
    you a fast mana-support. And: search the level for mana-vortexes. When
    youýve got lots of mana you can call horny many times (of course only
    when you found the talismans), summon Imps or gold.

    - Sometimes you get the message that you found a magic item. You can use
    it when it lies on your floor, but itýs better to bring it in your
    library, the spell is added to your spell-symbols. Most of the time the
    imps are very busy & forget to bring the magic item to your library, so
    place an imp directly on it. Use your magic items wisely, Keeper.

    - Portals: The sizes of your rooms determine which creatures come
    through the Portal. Each portal allow you to get 15 creatures (maximum),
    if you are at maximum & need another creature, throw ones you donýt
    need back through the portal or sacrifice it in the temple. When a
    firefly has explored all the areas, better place it back through the

    - Crossing water/lava with bridges for attacking another dungeon: it is
    useful to put a 3x3 sqare bridge at the front that you can place many

    creatures on it to attack.

    - When you are attacking another Keeper, head to his Dungeon-Heart, if
    you are in a room near that, but canýt reach it directly just place all
    your monsters nearby & use the spell to call them directly to attack the
    heart. Use the Earthquake-Spell to weaken enemies walls.

    - To search for e.g. a Worlock, right-click on the creature-symbol,
    several time to cycle through them. This is working also for your rooms.

    - Training-Trick: if you donýt have the arena in early missions, just
    grab a hero from the prison and place it into a crouwd of your
    monsters: they beat it up easily & imps bring the hero back to the
    prison: that brings experience & levels higher than 4.

    - When the message comes: "A creature is unhappy because..." you can
    make it happy again with finding it (switch the symbols to teh
    mood-display-mode) correcting it at once. (e.g. placing a Worlock into
    your treasure-chamber or bringing the fat Bile Demon to the

    - After a fight heal your high-level-monsters, they are important (you
    used much time to train them to that level). Grab the other monsters &
    place them back to your Dungeon Center. Place some imps next to the
    monsters which went K.O. so they will carry them to the lair where they
    can sleep & recover. If you leave them at the battlefield, theyýll die.
    That is by the way the reason why there are sometimes monsters at disply
    you canýt grab, because they are in the sleep-of-recovery after a fight.

    - The Traps are a nice defense, but you can only use a lot of traps like
    the cannons when having a good mana-support. When you know that a very
    strong hero will attack, place a freeze-trap & a boulder to make shure
    he is well-greeted when entering your place. When enemies come through
    water, use electricity (bzzzzz, hehe).

    - The ultimate trap is the cannon. Is is not expensive & has
    long-range-fire. To attack or defend you have to place many of them
    together - an important help to solve many difficult levels.
    Cannon-Defense: you know that there are many strong creatures attacking
    soon: (think of the vampire-level). Build at the place all enemies must
    pass by to come to your dungeon a large set of cannons & some barricades
    in front of them. That should blast them to bits.

    - Cannon-Attack - a good way to destroy other Keepers: dig out a
    corridor as close as possible to the Keeperýs Dungeon Heart, but donýt
    enter his rooms yet. At the frontline place at least seven cannons. When
    they are built dig out the wall between your cannons and the other
    Keeperýs room & place your monsters next to the cannons. Even when heýs
    having more monsters the cannons will knock them out easily. And when
    you have beaten most of his monsters, it is not difficult to conquer one
    room after another diretly to his Dungeon Heart. Look that the stupid &
    fearsome Ipms do really take over the enemies land. When you are near
    the other Keepers Dungeon Heart use the Call-to-Arms spell to direct
    your monsters diretly to it.

    - The workers in your foundry are quite lazy (epecially the fat Bile
    Demons), after finishing one trap they tend to go off to relax. The best
    for fast building a good set of traps: place them into the foundry &
    watch them. When a trap was build and the workers leave, grab them &
    place them directly back to work. The more cannons you have the more
    difficult it is to bring the workers to build new ones: Sell the old
    traps you donýt need anymore (when at places youýve conquerred now). The
    new ones will be build faster and you get back half of the money. By
    the way: gigants are great workers.

    - The secret doors are a good way to enter the enemies dungeon, but hide
    your own one. But if an enemy creature sees it open & close, it might
    attack it.

    - When you have a casino, the salamanders will hang around there most
    time, they love to play ;-) Salamanders are immune to lava, which will
    help you in some cases, but they are not the best fighters. If youýve
    got too many of them & you are waiting for better creatures, put them
    back through the Portal.

    - It happens so often in the middle of an important fight: the PayDay
    comes & your monsters leave the battlefield only thinking about their

    next paysheck. Just grab them all, throw them to your treasure chamber &
    after some time take them all back to the battle.

    - You can find additional tips, programs & cheats for DK2 at www.wizz.de

    - When you have Mana-Problems (that occurs not only in Magic the
    Gathering...) build a Temple & let your creatures pray in it.

    - The Temple & sacrifice: 2 Skeletons = Dark Elf (they call it "Black
    Elf" in German, again stupid translation), 2 Bile Demons = Rogue, 2
    Salamanders = Dark Mistresses (good move ;-), 2 Dark Elfes = Troll (only
    do that when really needed), 2 Worlocks = Goblin (who needs that?), 2
    Black Knights = Vampire, 2 Vampires = Bile Demon (stupid), 2 Trolls =
    Worlock, 2 Imps = cheap Imp-Spell, 1 Mistress & 1 Troll = Electricity
    Trap, 3 Monks = Mana Update, 1 Fly & 1 Salamander & 1 Skeleton = Vampire
    (donýt call for Buffy then ;-)

    - When getting the message that a prisoner hast died & returns as
    Skeleton, grab it out uf the prison & place it into the

    - The Fallen Angel: a very powerful magical creature, try to get it in
    late game-levels. He can conjure Skeletons.

    - The Dark Mistress has a special love for pain that she goes to a
    combat even when she are outnumbered by the enemy.

    - When you put an enemy creature into the Torture-Chamber, heal it at
    once if you like to convert it to your side. If it is a
    high-level-creature you have to come back after some time & heal it a
    second time. It is worth the mana. If it dies too early, you get only
    information about enemy dungeon locations.

    - Youýve just conquerred an enemy room and you donýt have much money?
    Just sell the room at once, then he canýt get back his room.

    - If you want to disable a Hero-portal? It is not always good: sometimes
    it is quite usy to catch Heroes & convert them to your side: they donýt
    count for the Portal-Creature-Limit. But if you want to get rid of those
    nasty hero-attacks just conquer all squares around it. If it is partly
    surrounded by water, build a bridge.

    - Save your monsters from the Indy-Trap: whet is starts, grab them
    before they get crushed.

    - Converting Heroes is quite good, not only for battles, but for your
    other works, too. The Wizard is a great reseracher (the "Wizzard" (me)
    is a good Space-Musician, look out for my next CD at End ý99), the Dwarf
    can dig Walls & the Gigant is a good worker.

    - Time is very important in many game-levels: so watch that
    start-sequence (the time goes on during that), restart the level & press
    space to abort the time-stealing sequence.

    - When playing against other keepers & hearing that flanged gong-sound
    you know that he scans your area with his magic eye spell.

    And now, enter your Dungeon, Keeper - with new knowledge you can win!

    Happy FUL IR! (Thatýs the Fire Ball-Spell from the ancient "Dungeon

Dungeon Keeper 2 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Towkee

    Army of Darkness

    In the "build your pet dungeon" section get to
    the final "master piece" stage (I've only done this on
    the master piece stage, but it might work for the others).
    After building your Dungeon grab all your creatures then drop
    them by the "hero's gate" and put the "gate" on continuous.
    (meaning; let heros pour out of the gate non stop) Cast
    "call to arm" right on top of the gate.(you might want to
    build some traps by the gate to help out your creatures)
    When the first wave of heros die and just when you the next
    wave starts you might here a rumbling sound. When you here
    that sound check out your creature bar and watch your skeleton
    army grow in numbers. I had a little over 300 skeleton and
    then the game crashed, so you might want to becareful and
    save your game.