Duke Nukem dev's new project revealed

The first early-doors details of Earth No More - a PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game being jointly developed by new studio Recoil Games and Duke Nukem creator, 3D Realms - have appeared on the internet, revealing some plot and gameplay info.

Earth No More's story revolves around the appearance of a mysterious spore, which has a destructive impact on the environment and causes plants and animals to mutate. Exactly how players will combat this troublesome germ isn't entirely clear, although building a strong alliance and interacting with the other characters will apparently be paramount. A smart conversation mechanic - something along the lines of the one seen in Mass Effect - will also be used. So far a single player campaign and online co-op mode have been mentioned.

Despite appearing in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, it's still not explicitly clear what type of game Earth No More actually is, although early signs seem to point to it being a first-person shooter - the fact that it's running on Unreal Engine 3 (the engine of choice for shooters) would certainly be indicative of that.

Earth No More is currently scheduled for release in 2009 and even from these lightweight details it sounds like an interesting premise. Let's hope its gestation period doesn't end up being as painfully protracted as 3D Realms' other work in progress, Duke Nukem Forever, which has been in development for 10 years.

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June 18, 2007

Matt Cundy
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