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Due Date gets trailer

Robert Downey Jr


Hangover man Zach Galifianakis is evidently having the time of his life. Just yesterday we got a look at the trailer for his new film It’s Kind Of A Funny Story.

Today we have the first trailer for Due Date , his re-team with Hangover director Todd Phillips. And it’s here he gets to play with the big boys, chucking pithy one-liners back and forth with the one and only Robert Downey Jr.

Described as a modern day Planes, Trains And Automobiles , the flick revolves around a father (Downey Jr) who is attempting to get home to his wife, who has just gone into labour. On the way, he picks up a wild travelling buddy (yuhuh, Galifianakis).

So, yesterday Galifianakis proved he can do drama. Today he proves he can hold his own against super-funny people like Downey Jr. Is there anything this guy can’t do?!

Check out the trailer below…

Due Date opens on 5 November.

Are we right in calling Galifianakis the new comedy big man? Or is that a bit premature? Talk…

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