Check out 4 new DualShock 4 controller colors - and one matching headset - coming this fall

Four new DualShock 4 controller colors are coming this fall, and one of them is even getting a matching Gold Wireless Headset design. The collection is fronted by two new metallic looks, along with a subtle new solid-color design and a paradoxically vibrant camo. Here's a quick rundown of all the new designs Sony revealed on the PlayStation Blog.

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First up is the Rose Gold DualShock 4. The front plate has a metallic, rosy finish and the matte back plate completes the look with a pale pink that makes me think of candy-coated Jordan almonds. Now I want some Jordan almonds. A matching Gold Wireless Headset, shipping out in November, has the same two-toned look. Classy!

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Your other new metallic buddy is Titanium Blue. It sports a shiny, ice-blue front plate and a powder blue matte back plate. If you've been waiting for the perfect pair of DualShock 4 controllers to take to baby gender reveal parties, your moment has arrived.

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Third up is Red Camouflage. The front plate has a camo-patterned design with black, red, and brown splotches and a solid, darker red backplate. The subtle silver accents offer a welcome visual break from all the redness.

(Image credit: Sony)

The last new DualShock 4 design is called Electric Purple. I love it, but I have a fondness for just about any controller that uses those sharp (in the aesthetic sense) monochromatic buttons well. The front plate is lavender while the back plate is a darker purple.

The only timing Sony has given for these controllers to hit shelves is "autumn", but you can stay tuned to our PS4 controller cheap article to make sure you get the best prices on any kind of DualShock 4.

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