PS5 controller battery life could be 50% longer than PS4 pad according to new leak

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

The PS5 controller battery life could be much longer than the DualShock 4, after more images of the DualSense PS5 controller have leaked online.

As seen in the Twitter thread below (via VGC), posted by someone who apparently for an accessories company, the DualSense holds the capacity for 1560mA batteries. 

Check it out in the tweets below:

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That threshold is roughly 50% larger than that of the PS4's DualShock 4 controller, corroborating with recent rumours (as reported in this Reddit thread) that the DualSense battery life will last around "3 to 4 hours" longer than the former device. 

That said, the DualSense is doing a lot more work than its predecessor, boasting new technology such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and more, so it may eat away at that improved battery capacity just as quickly as the DualShock 4 did with its inferior equivalent. 

Sony has promised more details to come with regards to PS5 hardware, though it's unclear when and how it plans to unveil further information, including the much-anticipated news on the PS5 price and release date. 

Given that the DualSense is already in the hands of certain third-parties outside of development, it's likely we'll hear more very soon, with that Holiday 2020 launch window nearing ever closer. 

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