Driveclub PS Plus Edition finally hit PSN (for a few hours)

Update: Evolution confirmed on its Facebook page that it's preparing to launch Driveclub PS Plus Edition, and that the PlayStation Store listing was posted prematurely. It will have more news to share "soon."

Driveclub PlayStation Plus edition is finally up on PlayStation Network, but you can't actually download it yet. The long-delayed (and at one point seemingly cancelled) free version of Evolution Studios' online racer has a PlayStation Network page, but accessing it is pretty spotty at the moment, and downloading is right out.

Even if a premature product page is a bit of an anticlimactic conclusion to the long wait for Driveclub PS Plus Edition, we can still take sweet solace in its features list. Looks like it's the same stripped down version that was first promoted back in 2013, but it still has plenty of stuff for the low, low price of free-with-your-PS-Plus-membership:

• Every Driveclub feature: from online multiplayer matches and challenges, to offline solo racing, Tour events, customisation, replays, Photo Mode and more.
• The option to create your own races with full control over the time of day and the weather.
• Access to all 13 tracks in India, one of six locations in Driveclub.
• 15 cars for your garage.
• A full set of 27 PlayStation trophies, including the precious Platinum.

Driveclub PS Plus Edition was originally meant to release alongside the full game, both as PS4 launch titles. But when Driveclub finally made it past the finish line in October 2014, some crippling online issues made the prospect of letting even more players in for kinda-free seem like a really bad idea. In February, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan declined to say whether Driveclub PS Plus edition would ever release at all.

I'm a little surprised Sony isn't just giving the full game away on PS Plus as a make-good for the extended, confused situation at this point, since it's been out for nearly three-quarters of a year. At least we know it will be offered in addition to the regular PS Plus Instant Game Collection lineup, whenever it goes fully live on PSN.

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