Driveclub PS Plus edition still being looked at, but no guarantees

Are you still waiting for Driveclub PS Plus Edition? Don't expect Sony to end your uncertainty anytime soon. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan has said that the indefinitely delayed racer is "still being looked at" but avoided saying anything more about its fate.

Sony revealed plans to release a free version of Driveclub to PlayStation Plus members soon after the game was announced. Subscribers were originally meant to receive the PS Plus edition free at PS4's launch, but delays pushed both versions back to October 2014.

Then extensive troubles at launch, which made many of the connected racer's online features unusable, led Sony to indefinitely delay the PS Plus Edition. Driveclub seems to be functioning fine now, but that doesn't mean the free version is back on the table.

When Metro asked if Ryan could guarantee a release for Driveclub PS Plus Edition, he said he couldn't "say anything at this stage". Ryan mentioned earlier that the "massively enhanced online ambitions" many developers had going into the latest console generation had turned out to be much more challenging than expected.

It still sucks that one of PS Plus's biggest incentives may never materialize. At least the "many and painful" lessons learned from the game's launch will be applied to every Sony game going forward, according to Ryan.

Connor Sheridan

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