Drew Barrymore's in Grey Gardens

Drew Barrymore appears to have found the role that’ll take her away from her usual comfort zone of rom-coms and Charlie’s Angels. Grey Gardens is anything but warm and fuzzy.

She’ll play Little Edie, an eccentric relative of former US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy in a fact-based drama (read: some truth, a whole lot of supposition). Jessica Lange has also signed on, playing Big Edie Bouvier Beale, her mother. The pair were the cousin and aunt of Jackie K and hit the headlines across the pond when Kennedy had to step in and rescue her family from public ridicule after the pair let their house get a little, shall we say, natural, with fleas and raccoons as their uninvited housemates.

The Edies were featured in a 1976 documentary, also called Grey Gardens, and that caught the attention of ads director Michael Sucsy, who has written the script and will direct the film. "You couldn't capture the eccentric nature of those women better than the documentary did, but it left me with so many questions of what led them there," Sucsy told Variety.

It’s too early to tell, but you’ve got to wonder if they’re all hoping that eccentric = Oscar bait.

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