Dress like a cowboy with Red Dead Redemption 2's official clothing line

Red Dead Redemption 2 is all about getting immersed in the world, and that doesn't have to stop at the screen. With the new Red Dead Redemption 2 collection from clothing retailer Barking Irons, you can bring your cowboy's aesthetic into the real world - though you may have to rob a bank to afford it all. 

Barking Irons specializes in high-end, themed apparel, and per Rockstar's announcement, its Red Dead Redemption 2 collection features "exceptional quality and authentic, heritage materials and subtle nods to in-game designs." For instance, the collection's jackets and shirts bear the name of protagonist Arthur Morgan, and its duffel and saddle bags are Rockstar-branded. It all looks very nice, and these pieces definitely have prices to match. Here's everything in the collection (at the time of writing; Rockstar says more t-shirts are on the way): 

  •  Gunslinger jacket - $250 
  •  Denim shirt - $150 
  •  Everyday shirt - $120 
  •  Railroad shirt - $120 
  •  Union henley - $92  
  •  Saddle bag - $180 
  •  Tote bag - $75 
  •  Riding duffel bag - $325 

Granted, that's a nice jacket, but $92 for a white henley? The materials are undoubtedly top-shelf stuff - including Japanese denim, waxed cotton and leather, and real cowhide - but some of the prices are a tad eye-watering. Then again, short of playing the game atop a real horse (with its head in a tree, obviously), this is probably the closest we'll get to a 4D Red Dead experience, and for some fans that may be worth the price. And I mean, wow, that is a really nice jacket. 

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Austin Wood

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