Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter takes off

The Kickstarter for Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is off to a roaring start. Ragnar Tørnquist's return to the adventure series he launched in 1999 with The Longest Journey has gathered more than $250,000 of its $850,000 goal, less than halfway into its first day.

Gamers seem to be as eager as Tornquist to return to the story, which was left on a cliffhanger at the end of 2006's Dreamfall. Red Thread Games wants to finish the fantastical tale, helmed by Tørnquist and filled out with several members of Dreamfall's development staff.

The PC game was initially pitched as an episodic series, though it's since been re-envisioned as a single release tentatively planned for November 2014. Backers at $25 and up can receive digital copies of the game, with the usual assortment of goodies entreating greater levels of generosity.

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