How to unlock Dwarven Smithing in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 Dwarven Smithing
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Dragon's Dogma 2 Dwarven Smithing is a rare kind of upgrade for weapons and armor that, like Battahli and Vermundian smithing, has its own unique effect on the equipment you put through it - specifically, while it does increase general effectiveness at the cost of increased weight, it's mainly used to increase the ability to knock opponents back in Dragon's Dogma 2 (if applied to weapons) or to resist that very effect (if applied to armor). If that appeals to you and you want to send enemies careening around the battlefield, here's everything you need to know about where to unlock Dwarven Smithing in DD2.

Dwarven Smithing locations in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 Dwarven Smithing

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Dwarven Smithing in DD2 can be applied by two different NPCs: Sara in Bakbattahl, and Gautstafr in the Southeast Volcanic Island, but both need to have quests completed first. There's no difference between the services they offer, meaning you can do either quest (or both) to access Dwarven Smithing. Here's how to unlock both smiths:

  • Sara
    • Complete the "Coronation" sequence in the main campaign
    • Head to the Royal Palace in Vernworth and speak to the palace guard Roman to get the quest "Dulled Steel, Cold Forge"
    • Pursue this quest by going to Bakbattahl, speaking to Brokkr in the unused forge in the Southwest of the city, and then retrieving Glimmercoals for his apprentice from a marked cave.
    • After doing this, come back several days later - Sara will be gone, and a new quest called "Steeled Resolve, Blazing Forge" will be given to you by Brokkr
    • Pursue this quest, where you escort Sara from the depths of a marked cave in the Volcanic Island.
    • After she returns to Bakbattahl and thanks you with the reforged sword, rest one night - Sara will now offer Dwarven Smithing from Brokkr's Forge.
  • Gautstafr
    • Take the Southern route into the Volcanic Island, as if you couldn't reach it through the Dragon's Dogma 2 Flamebearer Palace Spellseal Door.
    • After passing through Drabnir's Grotto, you should meet an old man named Gautstafr on the main road. 
    • Gautstafr will give you a quest called Put a Spring in Thy Step. Bring him several herbs, then meet him at the Windwalker's Home.
    • He'll ask you to escort him to a nearby spring. After that, the quest is over, and you can meet him back at the Windwalker's Home, where he now does Dwarven Smithing.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Dwarven Smithing

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Not only that, but this quest also rewards you with a new vocation, the magick archer! For that reason, it's better to do this one if you can't decide between the two, though obviously there's nothing stopping you from doing both quests.

As mentioned, Dwarven Smithing - no matter who you get it from - increases knockdown power and knockdown resistance, as well as base stats, at the cost of increased weight. It's good for melee and frontline classes, as knocking foes down lines you up perfectly for a high-damage finisher.

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