Dragon Warrior Monsters Cheats

Dragon Warrior Monsters Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by CoquiTaino04

    Ultimate Monster of Every Family

    Slime- GoldSlime+GoldSlime= GranSlime
    Dragon- Divinegon+GoldGolem= Orligon
    Beast- DarkHorn+Orochi= Gorago
    Bird- RainHawk+?Family= Azurile
    Plant- Rosevine+Gigantes= Egdracil
    Bug- Armorpion+WhiteKing= Skularach
    Devil- Durran+DarkHorn= Titanis
    Zombie- WhiteKing+DracoLord1= Lazamanus
    Material- GoldGolem+MetalKing= DarkMate
    ?Family- DeathMore3+GranSlime

    They are VERY hard to breed (specially Darkdrium, it takes forever), and they grow slow, but their stats are worth it, as at just level 20 their stats are all 300+, and at level 50 many of their stats are already 999, so, breed them and enjoy a killer team

  • GBA | Submitted by rex86

    Get a Lipsy

    Have a Hornbeetle as the pedigree and a Deadnoble as the breeder.This monster can do up to 900 damage on a critical hit.

  • GBA | Submitted by Yuchen Mao

    Best Monster of Any Family

    To get the best monster out of each family, breed a monster from a family you want the best monster to be in with a DracoLord (Servant + GreatDrak).
    Breeding Chart:
    Plant Family + DracoLord = RoseVine
    Slime Family + DracoLord = KingSlime
    Bird Family + DracoLord = ZapBird
    Dragon Family + DracoLord =? GreatDrak
    Material Family + DracoLord = Balzak
    Demon Family + DracoLord = ArcDemon
    Zombie Family + DracoLord =? Servant
    Bug Family + DracoLord = Digster
    Beast Family + DracoLord = DarkHorn

  • GBA | Submitted by joshman_123

    Get Rainhawk!!!

    To get Rainhawk do this:Just get a Blizzardy and a Phoenix train them to a high level to make him stronger and breed them together, The Shrine guy says this is a new one and then hatch it, this guy has bad A$$ moves and is very strong and it is a tight monster. This is areal cheat proven.

  • GBA | Submitted by Nick Langlois

    Get Mega Drack

    To get this extreamly powerful monster all you have to do is breed wartabou and dracklord as the pedigree

  • GBA | Submitted by SBDmaniac

    Get Swordgon

    Breed a BattleWrex and a Goopi, with BattleWrex being the pedigree and vwolla you now have a swordgon

  • GBA | Submitted by Daniel

    Get Kingslime

    Breed a spotking and centasaur spotking pedigree

  • GBA | Submitted by Dane Dyer

    How to get Coalot

    First get a Pteranod and then get a copycat from the boss.Make them marry with Pteranod being the pedigre

  • GBA | Submitted by Jacob Perlman

    Easy Catch!

    This is a way to get monsters easier!(especially good for getting monsters from the Foriegn Masters that walk around in the Mystic World.)

    1. Buy Sirloins, Bookmarks, and a Shinyharp(The Shinyharp is not needed for Foreign masters.)

    2. Go find a Foreign Master or level with the monster(s) you want.

    3. Use the Bookmark. Talk to the Foreign Master or play the Shinyharp until the desired monster appears.(If you don't find the monster you want from a Foreign Master, reset the game and try again.)

    4. YOU MUST HAVE A MONSTER WITH IRONIZE FOR THIS NEXT STEP! Kill the monsters you don't want and then cast Ironize.

    5. Feed the monster Sirloins until you run out. Then kill it. If you did it right, it should join you. Congrats!

Dragon Warrior Monsters Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Adam Salvo

    Get Greatdrak

    Breed Andreal as Pedigree with Zapbird.

  • GBA | Submitted by Adam Salvo

    Get Metal Drak

    Breed a Digster as the pedigree, and Andreal. This Monster is strong, has never been beaten!

  • GBA | Submitted by David Skateboarder

    Get All ??? Monsters

    Desired Monster Pedigree Breeding

    DracoLord Servant Andreal
    DracoLord (2nd) DracoLord Divinegon
    Hargon WhiteKing MetalKing
    Sidoh Jamirus Rosevine
    Baramos Hargon Orochi
    Zoma DracoLord Sidoh
    Pizzaro Durran Divinegon
    Esterk Pizzaro KingLeo
    Mirudraas Esterk Goldslime
    Mirudraas (2nd) Mirudraas Spikerous
    Mudou Baramos DarkHorn
    DeathMore Mirudraas Zoma
    DeathMore (2nd) DeathMore Armorpion
    DeathMore (3rd) DeathMore 2 Mudou
    Darkdrium DeathMore 3 Watabou

  • GBA | Submitted by Cheat Boy Return

    Get Dracolord Ultimate Form

    Breed a Divenagon with a Dracolord

  • GBA | Submitted by Andrew Cho

    How to get an Andreal

    I don't know how other people received this monster,but this is how I got it. Receive a female Skydragon and a male Golem. Breed them together and you will have an Andreal. But beware,it might be weak. But if it's a female, you can breed it with a Servant and have the ultimate DRACOLORD!

  • GBA | Submitted by Cloud

    How to get Evil knight

    Fist you have to get a fire monster. Then Go to the guy who ses "do you have a fire monster?" If you say yes and give him a fire monster he will start a fire and a portal will appear. Before you go in make sure your monsters levels at level 20 Or Over . He Is Extremly hard so use your skills

  • GBA | Submitted by kyle haisch

    Get blizzara/ice bird

    Beat teto in the tornament and after you beat him go talk to him.right from the sign ups for the arena.he will say do you want to breed with my iceman.say yes.pick the dracky monster the monster in the first zone.and the breeding will start.get the egg hatched.it will be weak at first but it raises levels fast.it will learn bad a$$ moves.dont get rid of friged air.it will turn into somthing good.my best monster

  • GBA | Submitted by jared& billy

    How to get Yeti the chinese monster

    You have to breed in the breeding center and breed Mad Cat as the pedigree and Sky Dragon.

  • GBA | Submitted by ss4goku

    Ultimate Exp.

    This is a handy code, To get aabout 22,000 exp. every battle You fight. You first need to have beaten the starry shrine, once the 6 new dungeons are opened Go to the slime dungeon. Go to the floors past the 20th level. On these floors you can find lots of Metables all you have to do is beat them and you can get 22,000 a piece(better than any boss). It is the best way to get you guys to their ultimate levels.
    This is 100% true and all those +10 guys raise levels fast!!
    I hope this code helps you all thaT SEE IT...

  • GBA | Submitted by Rainhawk


    Dracolord 1 + 2

    Buy LOADS of Sirloins.
    Go to gate in well.
    Catch 4 boneslaves (2 male-2 female)
    Get a Gullple (Not too hard to catch)
    Get any dragon.
    Boneslave + Boneslave= Skeletor(x2)
    Skeletor + Skeletor = Servant
    Now Dragon(pedigree) + Gullple = Andreal
    Servant(pedigree) + Andreal = DRACOLORD
    There are cheats out there for duplicating monsters, use one and Breed your dragonlord with:
    Any Dragon=Orochi
    Any Bug=Digster
    Any Bird=Zapbird
    Or, keep him 'till you get a Divinegon
    (Skydragon + Orochi)
    which'll get you DragonLord2. He just looks as if he's using the skill BeDragon All... the... time!

    Now, Rainhawk!
    Steal a Blizzardy from a Foreign Master (Bishops are easiest!!)
    Steal a Phoenix from another.
    (Sorry Your Grace!!)
    Blizzardy + Phoenix= RAINHAWK!!!!

    Now this is a handy Monster-
    It has Tatsucall and Iornise!
    Go to the bar in the arena.
    Talk to the guy in the spiky red uniform
    (Why does everyone in great tree wear them?)
    He SHOULD let you breed with his Rayburn.
    (If not, you're either too late or too early)
    If you missed it though, steal one from a Bishop.
    Use any bird as pedigree
    (except landowl + possibly a few others)

    Now. Goldslime!
    I hope you're good at catching Metalys and mettables...

    This is the table
    Metaly + Metaly = Mettable
    Mettable + Mettable = Metalking
    Metalking + metalking = GOLDSLIME.

    Now, how do we do it?
    You either need 8 metalys
    (In the well-1st floor is your best bet)
    Or 4 Mettables
    (Try the Slime only gate that opens later in the game-or steal some from masters)
    You can also get a Mettable from the Medal Man, but that's the last prize you'll get.

    Important note:
    ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO EVAL AND BLESS YOUR EGGS! If the monsters you want to breed aren't the right gender, you'll have to start all... over... again....(Nooooooooooo!!!!)

  • GBA | Submitted by Jason Plankenhorn

    Get 2nd form of DragonLord + Divinegon

    First you have to get the first form of DragonLord, then you breed a Divinegon (SkyDragon+Orochi) and you breed the DragonLord, as the pedigree, with the Divinegon, and they will leave you with a baby Dragonlord in his ultimate form.

    NOTE: This Breeding Mixture is NOT fake.....have a Ultimate DragonLord my self.

  • GBA | Submitted by Nate

    Steal monsters

    I'm not too sure if a lot of people know about this but, if you get into a match with another master in the MYSTIC world you can steal that persons' monsters by giving them treats like in a normal fight with wild monsters. there is no penalty for this and it doesn't work in the arena being that you can't use items there. I have gotten many rare monsters this way.

  • GBA | Submitted by Link

    Unlimited of every monster

    Beat the game and get all the powerful monsters u like that would be even more powerful if u breed them. then battle a friend and put the monster u want more of as a prize, let your friend beat u and he will take the monster but u should still have it too. now battle the friend again and make him put the monster u want as a prize, and then win the battle and u will have another of the monster. repeat as many times as u want to get the monster again and again.this is EXTREMELY good with dracolord because he makes most monsters very powerful.

  • GBA | Submitted by blizzarda

    Get watabou

    Beat every boss of the travelers gates and go to the stable and talk to him.he will say wow and join you.

  • GBA | Submitted by Watabou

    Super Monster

    If you are having trouble with a boss you may never have to worry about it again! If you have a friend, have him/her catch a level 1 monster with 0 exp. Hook up with the Game Link Cable and have a battle. Submit the prize as the LV 1 monster. You purposley win the battle so your friend's monster will transfer to you. Then, you will see the screen where his/her monster walks over to you, except the game will misenterpret it for an egg with no exp at lv 1! hatch the egg for a lv 40 monster that can do 800 damage in a single strike. This does not mess up your game and I currently have 3 of these monsters. The monsters also transform into a monster from the slime family like wingslime and treeslime. Do not breed them or give them seeds/nuts to raise stats or they will go down.

  • GBA | Submitted by Frank Acuda

    Get all Monsters

    Go to the king and talk to him 120 times. He will say the same thing until the 120th time. Then he will say, you are annoying me. Here, take every monster, I want you to save my kingdom. Once he says that, go to the monster farm and pick out your favorite monsters!!

  • GBA | Submitted by Master Monster Tamer

    Get Goldslime

    To get a Goldslime breed two MetalKings together.Enjoy breeding with other combinations too!

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get DracoLord.

    First get GreatDrak then Servant them make them marry and DracoLord will be in the egg.

  • GBA | Submitted by Anonymus

    Get Dragonlord from original dragon warrior.

    Breed a Servent with a Greatdrak Servent being the pedigree.