Dragon Ball Z goes next-gen (for real, this time)

Jan 16, 2008

Dragon Ball Z is now indisputably a next-gen game (let us not speak of Wii games with twitchy controls). With shiny graphics and all the bulging muscle of a full cast, Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is looking to bust through the limits slapped upon the series by last-gen technology.

See for yourself in thesenew screens.

Games like Super Dragon Ball Z and the Budokai Tenkaichi series have been pretty decent in times past, but chunky graphics and lack of online play held Goku and co. back from being anything more than a niche game for fans of the series.

Now, with "fierce online battles" and "radical 3D graphic effects," Burst Limitwill hopefully bring the joy of blonde aliens with monkey tails to a whole new generation of gamer.