Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z gets Naruto-tastic launch day bonus

If you're planning on picking up the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, you may want to consider investing in a pre-order before the game is released. Today, publisher Namco Bandai revealed that the fighter will include two different pre-order bonuses at two different retailers. One will grant access to Super Vegito, while the other lets players assume the role of Super Saiyan Bardock. Which retailer gets which? We have no idea!

No matter where you pre-order the game, you'll walk away with a little something special. Anyone who gets the first batch of releases will be able to dress up Goku in the Naruto Uzumaki Sage Mode costume. Namco Bandai loves cross-pollination, doesn't it?

Not sure if the game is for you? Well, you're in luck--we had a chance to check it out at the Tokyo Game Show, and recorded a quick video showing it off. Take a look:

Hollander Cooper

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