Dragon Age sold better than Mass Effect, and apparently EA never understood why

Dragon Age: Origins
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EA never understood why Dragon Age was more popular than Mass Effect, according to the fantasy game's narrative lead David Gaider. 

Under a tweet where Gaider discussed the idea of a full "bells and whistles" PS5 remaster of Dragon Age: Origins, one fan said that new edition would "sell like hotcakes." In response, Gaider suggested that in order to catch EA's attention, a potential remaster would have to do even better than that.

"I suspect EA would only do it if they thought it would sell like *gold-plated* hotcakes." The developer continues, "they've... never really gotten [Dragon Age], or understood why it sold better than Mass Effect, was my impression."

Dragon Age: Origins released 14 years ago now, meaning it's definitely waited long enough for a modern-day remaster. That's especially true since EA has gone to the effort of remastering the likes of Dead Space and Mass Effect - both of which were released around the same time during the late 2000s. 

Although a Dragon Age: Origins remaster is still a pipe dream, we do have a brand new game in the series to look forward to, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. There's still a lot to learn about this upcoming game, including its release date (all we know right now is that as of summer 2022 Dragon Age 4 is in the "middle of production"). We did however recently get some Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gameplay details which leaked online earlier this year, but not everyone is pleased with what they saw.

Want to find out what we do have to look forward to in the near future though? Take a look at our new games 2023 list. 

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