Dragon Age Origins writer wants a new-gen remake with all the "bells and whistles"

Dragon Age: Origins
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Dragon Age writer David Gaider believes Origins deserves a "PS5-era" remake, but reckons EA won't consider it unless it knows it'll "sell like gold-plated hot cakes."

Gaider, an ex-BioWare dev who served as lead writer on Dragon Age from 2009's Origins to 2014's Inquisition, mused on Twitter (opens in new tab): "If we're on a kick remastering games from the aughts, what about Dragon Age Origins? Its graphics were behind the curve even at the time of release... can you imagine it with brand new PS5-era bells and whistles?"

Judging from the replies (opens in new tab) to Gaider's (opens in new tab) tweet (opens in new tab), a full-fledged Dragon Age Origins remake could be very popular. Unfortunately, Gaider doesn't see (opens in new tab) EA giving the project the green light unless it some has assurances that it'll make the company rich(er). Curiously, he also posits that EA doesn't have a firm grip on what makes Dragon Age successful.

"I suspect EA would only do it if they thought it would sell like *gold-plated* hotcakes. They've... never really gotten DA, or understood why it sold better than Mass Effect, was my impression."

All that said, if Gaider were to see his wish come true, he wants (opens in new tab) "Inquisition-level graphics" at the very least.

"Look, all I want is for Morrigan to not have the shoulders of a linebacker and for the sex scenes to not look like someone bashing marionettes together and shouting 'now kiss!'"

Finally, and I regret having to put this imagery into your head, but it's literally my job: Gaider also mused (opens in new tab) about a hypothetical Dragon Age Origins remake having "extra-realistic slimy nipple textures."

Anywho, EA most recently jumped on the remake/remaster train with Dead Space, and before that there was the Mass Effect Legendary collection from 2021. As for Dragon Age, we currently have no indication that EA or BioWare have any intention of remaking or remastering anything, but at least we have Dragon Age 4 to look forward to.

Whether or not Dragon Age Dreadworld launches this year, there are a whole lot of very exciting new games for 2023 on the horizon.

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