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Dragon Age series executive producer is teasing … something

Mark Darrah is the executive producer behind the Dragon Age series, and he's got a little something special he wants to share with you today.

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Or, you know, maybe not. The BioWare veteran is being very coy about what the studio has planned for its medieval fantasy franchise, and clearly loving every second of it. But let's go ahead and see what we can decipher from this most teasy of teases.

The symbol shown on the book appears to be a tower with a disembodied, flaming canine head floating above it. The tower is too stylized and simple to gauge whether it's supposed to represent Ferelden, Orlais, the Tevinter Imperium, or somewhere else, so let's focus on the head. There is, after all, a notable canine that we learned of in Dragon Age: Inquisition (opens in new tab). Spoilers for the ending of DA: Inquisition ahead.

In Inquisition's closing act, we learn that elf mage Solas isn't quite who he says he is. Or rather, he is, but he miiiiiight also be the avatar of an elven trickster god named Fen'Harel. And what's Fen'Harel's nickname? The Dread Wolf. The Dread Wolf doesn't have a well-recognized emblem, but a floating wolf head on fire would certainly sell me on the concept. It would also make a good connecting point to a sequel, since Inquisition never really ties up Solas' story. 

Or maybe Darrah is just teasing some wolf-and-tower-themed horse armor DLC. His troll game is strong.

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