Dragon Age II Achievement Guide


25 Points
Bronze Trophy
Have 100 or more sovereigns in your purse.

When you exit the Viscount's office after returning from the deep roads, you will encounter some cash by way of 50 gold pieces.If this doesn’t push you over the edge to get the achievement, keep saving your pennies until you get enough.


10 Points
Bronze Trophy
Allied yourself with the smugglers upon arriving in Kirkwall.

When you first begin in Kirkwall, you have the choice of either joining the mercenaries or the smugglers.Decide which one you want to join and then save you game. Go talk to the other faction and agee to help to get the achievement/trophy.Once you get it, reload your game and go talk to the other group and accept and continue on playing.


25 Points
Bronze Trophy
Earn the rivalry of one of your party members.

Have one member of your party become a full on rival.Pick one member and continually try to piss them off seems the easiest route to go.Once their meter on the character screen hits the far right, you will get this.


25 Points
Bronze Trophy
Completed a romance with one of your party members.

For this you need to complete the companion quests for the character you want to schmooze.Also you will need to start with flirting with them and then visit your estate at night to find them there.Eventually you will need to invite them to live with you, get them their gifts and having their full armor upgrade doesn’t hurt either. Just prior to the final battle, talk to your lover and if done properly, you will receive this reward.


25 Points
Bronze Trophy
Learned 2 class specializations
At level 14, you will get your second specialization. Pick which other abilities you want to learn and you will earn this.


25 Points
Bronze Trophy
Visited 10 Caves in Kirkwall and surrounding area.

Once you hit Act 2, you will no doubt get this just from doing side quests and the like.There are many caves that you will enter, although most have creative names like “dank cave” or “Hunting ground.”

Stone Cold

5 Points
Bronze Trophy
Defeated the rock wraith on your expedition into the deep rocks.

This will come at the end of your Deep roads journey and it cannot be missed.Once you reach the LARGE rock wraith, defeat it and the achievement is yours.To defeat it, wait for it to lose its shell and crumble in the center of the room. Take out the Profanes around it and then gang up on its exposed form.After a few tries you’ll take him down.


25 Points
Silver Trophy
Find every variety of crafting resources.

The 12 different resources you need to find are list below.The Dragon’s Blood is the most difficult, being garnered only after defeating the High Dragon in Act 3.

Potion Ingredients

Rune Ingredients
Dragon’s Blood

Potion & Bomb Ingredients
Deep Mushroom

Tag Team

5 Points
Bronze Trophy
Used team work to perform a cross-class combo.

This is a tricky one to pull off, but the gist is basically that when an enemy has an effect on it such as Brittle, Disoriented, or Staggered, then another character should jump in and attack. Mess around with the different combinations such as a Shield Bash with Pummel from a warrior, followed up with an explosive strike and merciless strike from a Rogue.