Dragon Age II Achievement Guide

Dragon Slayer

25 Points
Silver Trophy
Found and killed a high dragon

During the “Mine Massacre”quest in Act 3, you will need to go to the Bone Pits once again. This time you will face a High Dragon and a bunch of its little buddies. When you defeat it, you will get some nice rewards for your troubles including the achievement/trophy.


5 Points
Bronze Trophy
Enchant an item

Enchantment! You can find Sandal many places throughout the game to enchant an item. At the start of act 1 in Kirkwall, he will be in the merchant’s district of Hightown and later on, in your house.


50 Points
Gold Trophy
Completed Dragon Age II twice, or completed it once with a save imported from Dragon Age: Origins

Noting too tricky here.You either need to import a save game from Dragon Age: Origins and finish Dragon Age 2, or complete the game twice. Note it says “import a save game,” not import a complete game save.


25 Points
Bronze Trophy
Found and killed the undying Xebenkeck

For this achievement, you need to find the 5 Evil Tomes that are scattered around Kirkwall and choose to destroy them. The first Evil tome can be found in the chantry at the top of the stairs to the right. 4 abominations and a she-demon will pop out to say hi when you destroy it.The second can be found In the Viscounts house, towards the back room, sitting on a bench to the left.The third will be in Sundermount. Near the rear of the left path, there is a cave that is called the “recently opened passage” that will lead to a whole load of trouble. Follow the passage through to the end and you will find the next tome in a room that has an almost unending amount of shades, rage demons and corpses.

Next head to the Wounded Coast where there will be a cave called the “Dank Cave”.

Head there and after a minor battle with a dragon and some more abominations, the next book will need to be destroyed. The fifth and final tome you need to destroy is in the Bone Pits. Head to the far side and you will find an opening labeled “Cave” which is not marked on the map.Enter there and follow the corridor to the next room and destroy the book in the left corner. Once you have finally destroyed all 5 Evil Tomes, head to Darktown and there will be an entrance to The Evil Pits.Make your way down and you will come to the Fell Grimoire.What you want to do here is up to you, but if you read the book and then agree to its deal, you will receive two bonus attribute points.Once you are done with the book, Xebenkeck will attack with a whole crap load of friends. Kill them all and the achievement is yours.


5 Points
Bronze Trophy
Left Kirkwall to explore the outlying regions.

When you are on the map screen, hit the left or right trigger to go to the far right selection and it will take you to a map of the Freemarches.Enter Sundermount and you will get this.


10 Points
Bronze Trophy
Became a partner in a deep roads expedition.

Pay Bertrand the 50 gold and get him the maps to Deep Roads.Once you give them to the dwarf, you will get this. You will miss this achievement however, if you decide to let Dougal lend you the money instead of earning it through quests and selling items.


5 Points
Bronze Trophy
Flirted with one of your party members to start a romance.

Once you get back from the deep roads, each party member will have a quest to do.If you select the dialogue option with the heart symbol, it will give you the achievement and kick off your flirtatiousness. I choose you Merril!


25 Points
Bronze Trophy
Earned the friendship of one of your party members.

Once you reach full friendship with any party member this will be rewarded.It is easiest to do with Bethany or Carver at the start of Kirkwall during the “Birthright” quest, but can be done just as easily with any other party member if you are nice enough to them and complete their companion quests and offer them their gifts.