Dracula: Origin - first screen

Feast your eyes on the first screen of Dracula: Origin the next adventure game of Frogwares studio. The game has been in development for several months and, even though it%26rsquo;s a long way off, we're expecting the finished product sometime in early 2008.

Frogwares is most well known for its work on the Sherlock Holmes' adventure series. Sherlock, the famous detective, tracks down criminals with logic and critical thinking. In Dracula, you'll take the role of Professor Van Helsing, another smart guy tracking down criminals. Helsing's criminal just happens to be an ancient bloodsucking legend who will probably kill him. We like this Van Helsing guy's style.

To track down Dracula you'll adventure through London, Egypt, Austria and of course Transylvania. Judging from what we know about Dracula and the one screen we've seen so far,we're betting on at least onecemetery to explore too.

April 6, 2007