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We love audiobooks - they’re great! They can take the sting out of a long commute, keep you company in the car, and with a set of headphones you can even get some saucy chick-lit down you while pretending to absorb the finer points of The Westminster Hour. And with an online shop you can
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Technology, eh? It’s the future, we’re sure of it.

Anyway, this month we’re able to bring you a free SF tale courtesy of our chums at and BBC Audiobooks. It’s the first episode of the first series (Operation Luna) from the classic 1950s series Journey Into Space that we’re giving away, and it’s the proverbial piece of Victoria sponge to blag (see below).

Charles Chilton’s classic SF trilogy stormed the BBC airwaves over 50 years ago and by the time the whole series had aired it had become the final radio programme to attract a bigger evening audience than TV. 5.1 million people tuned
in to the first episode in 1953 – and it’s the 1958 remake of this that you
can download for free (the original was wiped soon after broadcast!).

If you like it, there’s no obligation, but you can always tuck into the rest
of the series for a bargainous 50% off. Operation Luna was followed up by The Red Planet and then The Word in Peril, all featuring Captain Jet Morgan, Doc Matthews, engineer Mitch Mitchell, and radio operator Lemmy Barnet.

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SFX and are giving away part one of Charles Chilton’s classic science fiction trilogy. A remake of the original 1953 series, it was aired on the BBC Light Programme on 26 March 1958.

Charles Chilton was born in 1917 and after the Second World War he found himself working in the BBC’s Variety Department. “A lot of scripts began to arrive with the idea of doing science fiction,” he recalled, wisely noting that this was just about the time that the major superpowers became genuinely interested in developing space programmes. “Michael Standing, the Head of Department, called
me in and said, ‘Look, you write pop adventures. Couldn’t you write science fiction?’ So I said that I would try.”

These first few episodes actually went missing for many years, and it wasn’t until 1986 (when a recording engineer stumbled upon some mis-filed
16-inch discs) that they were recovered and preserved. In the fabulous scenesetting opening episode, Sir William Morgan prepares for the launch of
his A24 rocket from outside Las Vegas, but a malfunction looks set to
cause disaster...

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