Download of the Week: Sonic Generations leads a Sonic-powered weekend on Steam

Platform: PC (Steam) | Publisher: Sega | Developer: Sonic Team | Price: £9.99/$14.99

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Steam's Weekend Sale is a Sonic festival (NOT a clearance, thank you, Mr Cundy), with the classic Mega Drive originals going for £1.99 each. But the pick of the bunch has to be 2011's brilliant Sonic Generations, going for just £9.99. At that price, the few minor niggles it does have can be easily overlooked, leaving you with an absolute bargain. Read our review here.

Want more DLC? Check these out:

Resident Evil: Revelations / Cooking Mama 4 demo | 3DS | Price: £free

It may be another painfully short demo and limited to 30 plays, but this Resident Evil entry is clearly one of the most technically accomplished and exciting games on Nintendo's new handheld so it's easy to recommend this download. While you're at it, grab the free Cooking Mama 4 demo too...

Gears of War 3: Fenix Rising | Xbox 360 | Microsoft | 800 MS Points

Gears of War 3 gets five new multiplayer maps, four new character skins and the ability to level up to 100 several times over. But be warned - if you already own the Gears 3 Season Pass, don't buy this too or you'll be charged again.

Prince of Persia (GBC version) | 3DS | Ubisoft | £4.50 (Europe only at present)

Out now on Wii and 3DS, a little retro classic in the shape of the original Prince of Persia. We're recommending the 3DS version because, despite its hefty price, it's one of the best handheld iterations you'll see anywhere, outshining the Game Gear version graphically and controlling better than the iOS version. Still incredibly atmospheric and incredibly hard.

SoulCalibur | iOS | Namco Bandai | £7.99/$11.99

No multiplayer, no Weapon Master mode, poor controls and a ridiculous price. And yet we're still entranced by the beauty of Soul Calibur. For a game to still be worth a look despite all that, it must be amazing - and SC is. Read more here.

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Justin Towell

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