Download of the Week: Infinity Blade II

Game: Infinity Blade II | Platform: iOS | Publisher: Epic Games | Developer: Chair | Price: £4.99/$6.99

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So here it is - the sequel to the best-looking game on iOS, immediately claiming the title for its own. It's arguably worth the fee just to see what your iPhone/iPad can really do. Impossibly detailed graphics glistening with special effects like dynamic shafts of light just shouldn't be possible on a cell phone - but here they are. Thankfully, however, the combat's brilliant too, making this more than just a pretty face, and one that we'll surely be gazing at wistfully for weeks to come.

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Skyrim | PS3 | Bethesda | Free patch (ver 1.2)

Arguably the most essential download of the week has to go to PS3's Skyrim patch 1.2, which supposedly fixes the long-term stuttering issue affecting many gamers. While still imperfect, if you're one of the afflicted, it's surely worth a go. Anything to stay in this wonderful game, right? Note: 360 owners should also be able to install their game now without any texture problems. Again, worth the price of 'free'.

Zen Pinball | 3DS | £4.50 | Zen Studios

For a mere £4.50, you get four pinball tables full of fun and 3D loveliness. About as cheap as one go on each table in real-life, and just as three-dimensional-looking.

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Justin Towell

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