Download of the Week - Dead Space 1 and 2 bundle price is out of this world

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At first we thought the price for both Dead Space games on Steam must've been a typo. No way would they be selling two of the best action games out there for such a low fee. But it appears they really are practically giving them away.

So before EA cotton on to what the hell is going on with this outrageous Steam sale, get yourself the bundle as quickly as possible. But if you need convincing of why Dead Space is worth your pennies, check this video out...

Want more DLC? Check these out...

Super Crate Box | iOS | £0.69/$0.99

Devilishly difficult, equally addictive, this is 2012's first 'must have' iOS game. Get it now. NOW!

AMY | 360/PS3 | 800MS/£7.99

Help an autistic girl escape a city over-run with monsters in this jump-scare heavy survival horror.

Football Manager 2012 | iOS | £6.99/$9.99

A condensed version of the ultimate footie management sim provides just as much joy/heartbreak.

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