Download new Pirates of the Caribbean content at Disney parks

Planning to spend a lot of time waiting in lines at Disney World or Disneyland this summer? Starting on May 22 - the game's release, which only makes sense - you'll be able to download new content for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End for the Nintendo DS while traveling through one of those two parks. Just look for the "X marks the spot" icon and flip open your DS - and get ready to download content to your game that's only available to park visitors.

Above: Look for one of these at the park, to locate one of the download spots

According to Disney Interactive's press release, "This download unlocks new content such as unlimited health and 'savvy,' as well as fun extras, including additional costumes." We're not promising fun, but if you're already standing in line waiting for a ride, even the most mediocre DS game is probably better than staring at the ground or talking to your friends and family.

The download program is slated to run through Labor Day. That's September 3, if you're not familiar with US holidays. Don't have a copy of the game? They'll be selling it in the park's gift shops. We shudder to think for how much, however. Best to buy it beforehand.

May 21, 2007