Seven must-play PS4 games in the EU PlayStation Summer Sale (from Battlefield 4 at £3.99 to The Witcher 3 at £19.99)


Sony keeps adding new PS4 titles to its PlayStation summer sale and we've picked out seven absolute bargains below – Battlefield 4 for £3.99, anyone? – offering over 500+ hours of gaming (with an average metacritic score of 82%) for only £86.34. 

That averages out at £12.30 a game, and a saving of £100 on pre-sale prices. In fact, if you compare the PlayStation summer sale prices to the games' original RRPs… that saving is nearer to £200, and most of these games are less than 12 months old. 

We pick out each PS4 game below, with a link to our review, plus the new price. If you've missed any of these games, now is the time – and do share any other bargains you've found in the comments below.

1) The Evil Within was £29.99, now £9.49: "The Evil Within manages to leave it's mark by charting a new branch of survival horror. While the genre makes liberal use of gore and helplessness, few have looked at the concept of physically altering a person's consciousness by messing with their brain." Oh, and it's by the genius behind Resident Evil 4, Shinji Mikami (even if he's slightly lost his touch).

2) Battlefield 4 was £15.99, now £3.99: "Multiplayer shooters don't get better than Battlefield 4. Incredible destruction, smart map design, and solid tech combine to produce a true showcase for PS4 and PC".

3) Battlefield: Hardline was £15.99, now £3.99: "While it doesn't feel as vital as Battlefields past, inventive new multiplayer modes and a fresh, if slightly unfocused campaign make Hardline the worthy TV spin-off to DICE’s big budget blockbusters".

4) The Witcher 3 was £34.99, now £19.99: "Sloppy combat and ongoing optimisation can't quite spoil this dark fantasy adventure, set in a stunning world of blood and black magic". Hey, it was the Golden Joystick Awards Ultimate Game of the Year, and offers 150-200 hours of gameplay… so, yeah: bargain.

5) Star Wars: Battlefront was £29.99, now £19.99: "A beautiful recreation of Star Wars, and a solid if simple shooter. This is a game you'll love intensely albeit for a short space of time". The irony here is that certain GR+ team members  are still playing SW: BF nine months after its release… and the Rogue One: A Star Wars story DLC maps are yet to come.

6) Batman: Arkham Knight was £44.99, now £19.99: "An ambitious and successful end to Rocksteady’s trilogy, with a standard-setting open world you must experience. A superior main story and less Batmobile combat would’ve made a huge difference". Quibbles aside, this is one of the best-looking PS4 games ever, and a total steal at this price.

7) Dragon Age: Inquisition was £15.99, now £9.49: "Dragon Age: Inquisition creates a massive, vibrant world on a scale far greater than its predecessors, and does an excellent job of making you feel in command. The heart of this game rests with its characters, who keep you invested in the action".


It might be August, but it's still summer dammit, and that means the EU PlayStation Summer Sale is still going strong. This week, Sony has added nearly a dozen new games to the sale list - more if you count special editions with bonus content. The original sale was already substantial, and with even more games to pick from, I figured I'd help steer you in some helpful directions.

Below you'll find the best deals for PS4 games from the Summer Sale, including both old and recently-added games. Each game has a snippet from our official review, and you can click the links if you want to read the full version and find out more.

Uncharted 4 was £44.99, now £29.99: "Once things kick off properly it’s the treasure hunting adventure you know and love. It’s beautiful and vast, with astonishing locations and things to see. Unfettered from the need to flesh out characters and the past, the game finds a consistent momentum."

Doom was £49.99, now £29.99: "It’s a game that understands the raw essence of the first-person shooter on a fundamental level, and presents it in every new way it can through every moment and mode it has. It delivers, it explores, and it never, ever stops."

Tom Clancy's The Disivion was £54.99, now £34.99: "The Division is all about creating angles - get into the right spot and you can hose an enemy with ease, but if they dig in and you start a straight, cover-based shoot-out things get much trickier. ... This game is at its best when you're constantly moving and killing, tactically out-maneuvering enemies to win each encounter."

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege was £54.99, now £24.99: "Rainbow Six Siege’s calculating, climactic confrontations feel fresh in a genre mostly concerned with movement. You’re less headbutting ram and more coiled snake here."

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was £34.99, now £19.99: "The Witcher 3 is at its best when you choose solely to wander, taking sidequests from peasants and contracts from town noticeboards. Freed from the convolutions of the main plot, it's a varied and exciting realisation of the Ronin fantasy." 

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition was £49.99, now £15.49: "What's really exciting about the game is that it proves that traditional RPGs have a lot to teach present-day designers. Freedom, simulation, depth, and respect for the player's choices. There's power in that old blood." (Review from our sister site, PC Gamer)

FIFA 16 was £39.99, now £15.99: "Although marginally slower then before, with a greater focus on build-up play, a slight loss of arcade appetite is a small price to pay for FIFA 16’s for fresh balance."

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